Yasid is a mostly desert kingdom. Tira borders it to the northeast and unclaimed, rocky land surrounds the rest. A branch of the Suneast River runs a little way into it. Its capital is unknown.

History Edit

When the world was created, everything spoke one language. Snails could speak to stone, trees to the wind, and so on. But as time passed, creatures developed their own languages and gradually forgot how to speak between species. However, a few rare people were born with the ability to learn a language of nature. Most of these people were apparently born Yasid, but even there nature-speakers became feared, mistrusted, and even attacked, sometimes to death. Many nature-speakers escaped the hostility of their countrymen and banded together, living peacefully in communes and becoming primarily known as tata-rook, or fire-worshipers, able to speak both the languages of fire and water.

In Enna Burning, Isi and Enna travel to Yasid to find a cure for Enna as she struggles to control her fire-speaking. Finn follows them there and they all arrive at Quapah.

Significant Locations Edit

  • Quapah- The only town in Yasid with a known name. On the outskirts of the town is a small community of tata-rook who use their nature-speaking gifts to yield crops from the desert land. People from Quapah-proper who don't understand the fire-worshipers' abilities fear them to the point of attacking them, sometimes even killing them.

Culture Edit

  • The community of tata-rook in Quapah have a special ritual intended to remove the ability of fire-speaking in someone who can no longer control it. The ritual involves placing hot coals on the person's tongue and in their hands in order to "burn the first word of fire from [one's] tongue and burn away the acts of fire [one has] performed". It's a risky procedure and has so very rarely been attempted that it is unknown how effective it is.