Tira is a country to the southeast of Bayern. Its capital is Ingridan.

History Edit

Tira has a long history of being aggressive, warlike, and trying many times to conquer Bayern land. At some point, their kings and queens became little more than figureheads, with the real power being transferred to a body of people known as the Assembly. Nevertheless, their current prince, known as His Radiance, is absolutely adored by the Tiran people.

Enna Burning Edit

With animosity towards Bayern freshly stirred up, Tira once again engages their old enemy in war. Swiftly conquering a number of Bayern towns near the Tiran border, they are very confident of their victory. Not only do they outnumber the Bayern ranks, they also manage to kill the Bayern king at the Battle of Ostekin Fields just after Bayern reinforcements arrive. Tira is encouraged by the fall of the king, but the battle quickly turns south for them when scores of Tiran soldiers are suddenly and inexplicably set on fire.

With the twin demons of flame and fear running rampant, Tira soon retreats.

Customs Edit

  • It appears that Tiran princes aren't given names until their wives name them after they are married. However, their mothers may use a type of "milk name" for them until then.
  • Tiran garments are traditionally very pale, primarily consisting of white clothing accented by a pale blue or peach-colored sash, called a lummas. Members of the Assembly wear striking red lummas.
  • The Tiran prefer to lounge on large poufs during meals rather than sit on chairs.

Trivia Edit

  • The Eastern War that killed the King of Bayern's father and brothers was most likely against Tira.