People-speaking is one of the three gifts of language in The Books of Bayern.

Abilities Edit

A person who has the gift of people-speaking instinctively understands anyone they meet, just by studying their facial expressions and body movements. As natural experts in body-language, people-speakers intuitively know just the right words that will bend anyone to their will.

People-speakers can give words an extra power that causes them to be extra-persuasive, making whatever they say stick in their listeners' minds, seductively convincing them that the words are true. This dubious ability presents a strong temptation for the people-speaker, and most speakers can't help but influence others in their favor. Consequently, it's very hard to keep friendships since people-speakers often feel like they cannot stop themselves from manipulating others, even if they don't want to.

Because of their natural affinity for giving orders, many people-speakers aspire to become people of high rank, such as a queen or a captain, so that they may use their abilities without feeling guilty about it.

Balance Edit

People-speaking needs to be tempered, lest the speaker suffers the side effect of ruined self-esteem. Constantly compelled to lie and further their own gain, a gift that should logically connect speakers closer to people instead drives them to isolation, preventing them from truly bonding with anyone, possibly because they cannot help but see people as tools that they are able to manipulate.

However, it appears that tree-speaking is able to counteract such afflictions by encouraging the speaker to use their gifts to speak the truth, rather than manipulative lies. Although seeking high status can help justify the instinct to give orders, it cannot help speakers bond with people the way tree-speaking can.

Known SpeakersEdit

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