Odaccar is the former Prime Minister of Bayern.

Biography Edit

As the Prime Minister of Bayern, Odaccar visited with the King and Queen of Kildenree with issues concerning land. Historically, Bayern garnered its wealth by launching successful wars, but when the current king lost his own father and brothers to war, he decided to reign more peacefully. But to maintain that kind of income, his country has had to mine the Bavara Mountains, bringing Bayern ever closer to Kildenree's borders. Both Odaccar and the Queen had a distaste for war, so they ensured peace between their nations by arranging a marriage between the Queen's eldest daughter, Princess Anidori-Kiladra, and Geric, the Crown Prince of Bayern.

The Goose Girl Edit

Just a year after his visit to Kildenree, Odaccar retires and lives in a section of the palace tucked out of the way that houses elderly, respected, former members of high office. Although a peaceful place, it proves a little too uneventful and Odaccar finds himself bored out of his mind. He opposes the values of his war-supporting successor, but he feels like he no longer has any use or influence. Luckily, he has a chance to feel useful once more when Princess Anidori seeks out his help. She informs him that she's in desperate need of horses in order to stop a brewing war between Bayern and Kildenree, but the horse-master refuses to give her any. Delighted at the chance to make a significant difference, he writes a very official note to the horse-master stamped with a seal he secretly kept from his time in office.