Napralina-Victery is the third child and second daughter of the King and Queen of Kildenree.

Biography Edit

Napralina was born soon after her brother Calib-Loncris and apparently was the focus of her mother's attention. Even so, she grew into a happy, carefree young woman.

The Goose Girl Edit

Although kept apart from her eldest sibling for most of her life, Napralina gets to know her sister better years later when Anidori is no longer Crown Princess. The two find that they enjoy one another's company and wish that they could have spent more time together as children. Napralina is around fourteen years old when Ani is sent to Bayern to marry their prince and cries along with her younger sister Susena when she departs.

Later, when Anidori attempts to convince the King of Bayern of her true identity, she pretends to be Napralina in order to gain access to Lake Meginhard.

River Secrets Edit

Napralina is visiting her sister in Bayern when the Tiran ambassador, Lord Kilcad, suggests that the Bayern royal family travel to Tira in order to address the assembly before they vote on the matter of reigniting war with Bayern. Napralina is happy to join them so she can spend time with her sister and see new sights, telling Ani how bored she is with Kildenree and how she wishes that she, too, could become a princess of a foreign land.

She is absolutely charmed by the beauty of Ingridan and by His Radiance, the prince of Tira. He seems to be equally taken with the young princess and happily agrees to Razo's suggestion that he show Napralina around the city.

Physical Description Edit

Napralina has the blonde hair typical of Kildenree; the same yellow shade as her older sister's. She is said to have the "bright eyes and happy smile of someone who has never known hardship" and is described to resemble her mother, the beautiful Queen of Kildenree, so strongly from birth that the palace servants were inclined to curtsy to her cradle.

Quotes Edit

  • "What a sight! [Ingridan's] positively delicious. Look, I can see three rivers from here."