Ma Agget is the beloved matriarch of the numerous Agget-kin. She is the mother of Razo and Rinna.

Biography Edit

At some point, Ma married her husband and subsequently had six sons with him, and although she loved her boys deeply, she always longed for a daughter. She was soon expecting another baby, but the warm summer night of the birth was a painful one. Her husband was away at the time the labor pains bore down, and only her youngest son Razo heard her crying. Although he didn't quite understand what was happening, he did his best to comfort his mother until he was shooed outside with his brothers by a neighbor who arrived to help with the birth. Soon, Ma's first and only daughter was born and given the name Rinna.

Two years after Rinna's birth, Ma's husband went hunting in the deep forest and never came back. Worried, she sent her oldest boys to look for him, but they found only his pack near some bear prints. Ma was devastated, but the toddler Rin comforted her as best she could. Ma became very close to her little girl and it was soon clear that she loved her only daughter just a little bit more than everybody else.