Kildenree is a small kingdom to the west of Bayern that is shielded by the Bavara Mountains to the east and the Forest to the south and southeast. The capital city is, or is located in, the Great City Valley. All Kildenreans have fair hair.

Currently, it is ruled by the Queen.

History Edit

For centuries, the small kingdom of Kildenree was protected from invasion by the impassable Bavara Mountains, the vast Forest, and the people-speaking skills of many of its rulers. In its early history, Kildenree may have had many animal-speakers as well, but that skill appeared to have dwindled away as time passed. Animal-speakers, and anything deemed "too wild" or "too unnatural", are currently viewed with mistrust and fear, and often they flee to live in the woods.

Before the events of The Goose Girl, Kildenree had a civil war that killed nearly a generation of Kildenrean men. The current queen and her husband, relatives of the previous king who died childless, were placed in power. Meanwhile, the neighboring kingdom of Bayern decided to mine in the Bavara Mountains instead of war with every nation that touched its borders, bringing it ever closer to Kildenree.

Worried that the stronger, larger kingdom may try to invade their little country once the pass was cut, the queen met with Prime Minister Odaccar of Bayern. They both desired peace between their nations and so arranged a marriage between the queen's firstborn, Princess Anidori, and Bayern's Crown Prince Geric once Ani turned sixteen.

About a month before Princess Anidori's sixteenth birthday, her father the king was fatally injured in a horse riding accident. During his funeral, the queen announced her intention to transfer Ani's birthright as heir to the throne to her son Calib-Loncris. Shortly after, Ani was sent on her way to Bayern.

Months later, Ani stopped a war between Bayern and Kildenree before it could even start. The Queen continued to rule the country with great skill, keeping Kildenree to itself and largely out of the affairs of other countries.

Customs Edit

  • Princesses are named after their grandmothers. For example, Princess Napralina-Victery Talianna Isilee was named after her grandmothers Talianna and Isilee. Ani mentions that a princess should have "a long name just as she should have a long life".
  • At least for the death of a ruler, there is a mourning period of six weeks. The bird of mourning is the swan and the mourning color is white.
  • Kildenrean music primarily consists of flutes and harps. There are no drums.