Kel is a kingdom to the northeast of Bayern. It is currently ruled by King Scandlan.

History Edit

Sometime after the war between Bayern and Tira, Selia traveled to Kel and courted its king. He fell deeply in love with her and even cut off communication with the other kingdoms at her command.

Culture Edit

  • Kelish women are said to wear caps that are just "darling".
  • It is considered very good luck to provide shelter to travelers, and many Kelish people keep a candle burning in a window of their homes as a signal to travelers that they are welcome to stay the night there.
  • The characters in Kelish stories are often anthropomorphic animals. Many of these stories ask a question of the reader.

Significant Places Edit

  • Castle Daire- Originally occupied by a lord and lady, the Queen of Kel kicked them out and took the place over. She and her "hearth-watchers" resided there until she was overthrown by the "Fire Sisters" and Rinna. The lord and lady, who had taken refuge in a nearby village, reclaimed their castle and held a feast for their rescuers.