Frigart is Gilsa's neighbor.

Biography Edit

The Goose Girl Edit

One day, a large, blonde, grievously injured man named Talone stumbles onto Frigart's property. She and her family clean and bandage his wounds, taking care of him for two months until he's strong enough to help out around the cottage and earn his keep. He gives Frigart a pretty gold ring as part of the payment he owes her and continues to work with her husband, saying that he needs to earn money to go on a long journey.

Months later, Frigart decides to visit her friend and closest neighbor, Gilsa. She enjoys mildly complaining about her husband and son until the girl staying with Gilsa, Ani, suddenly demands to know where she got the pretty ring on her finger, claiming it belonged to a murdered man. Affronted, Frigart explains about the very much alive Talone. Ani becomes excited and insists on accompanying Frigart home so she can meet him.

As soon as Talone catches sight of Ani, he rushes over to her and falls on his knees, sobbing with relief that the "princess" is alive. Realizing that the girl is royalty, Frigart suddenly becomes very flustered and treats Ani with an awkard respect, managing to rein in her curiosity to give the princess and Talone privacy.

Some days later, Talone, Ani, and Gilsa's son Finn travel to the capital city on an important mission. It is possible that as soon as they leave, Frigart demands that Gilsa tell her about the foreign "princess" and how she came to be staying with her.

When Ani and the Bayern royal family return from Lake Meginhard, Frigart may have attended Ani's marriage to Prince Geric in the Thumbprint of the Gods, a public city square where anyone, noble or commoner, can attend the wedding.