Calib-Loncris is the second child and first son of the king and queen of Kildenree.

Biography Edit

Calib was born soon after Anidori and was the focus of his father's attention. He grew into a tall, serious young man.

The Goose Girl Edit

When his father dies from a riding accident, his mother announces during the funeral that her heir will not be her firstborn Anidori, but instead will be Calib, her eldest son. Although he had known for a while that his eldest sibling's birthright was being transferred to him, he either did not have the courage or did not find it necessary to inform her of the decision.

When Ani is soon sent away to wed the prince of Bayern, Calib remains outwardly composed the morning of her departure, but his eyes betray the emotion raging within. He is unable to meet his elder sister's gaze when she places her hands on his shoulders, perhaps feeling guilty that the transferring of her birthright is causing her to leave the country. However, instead of berating him, she gives him her blessing and instructs him to rule Kildenree better than she would have. At her words, Calib is forced to turn away before he starts crying.

Trivia Edit

  • As a child, he played with toy swords, occasionally whacking his older sister with them.