Bayern's Own is the king of Bayern's personal hundred-band of warriors.

History Edit

As a warlike country, Bayern requires each village to provide a hundred-band of men that may be called upon to fight in any war Bayern enters. This arrangement means that the members of a hundred-band know each other very well, as they all come from the same villages, and consequently any infiltrators will be noticed immediately. Bayern's Own is the king's personal hundred-band.

Usually, they are made up of younger men who have received their javelin and shield and older men who have never killed before. The javelin marks a boy as part of the community, but they aren't considered men until they've made their first kill. Some take it so seriously, they won't shave their beards until they've killed their first enemy. Experienced fighters are given the ability to command and mount a horse while the rest fight from the ground.

Known Members Edit

  • Geric- As the crown prince and later king of Bayern, Geric is the leader of Bayern's Own. He is very well-liked and demonstrates that he is a good leader, diplomat, and warrior.
  • Talone- The only Kildenrean among the Own, Talone is nevertheless a dear friend of their king and queen and is the Own's trusted Captain, both wise and skilled with a sword.
  • Razo- Although he is considered scrawny and not a traditional fighter, Razo is extremely skilled with a sling and proves his worth as a scout by using his exceptional observational skills.
  • Finn- Strong, serious, and stoic, Finn is the best swordsman in the Own.
  • Conrad- Always having desired a more exciting life, Conrad is among the best grapplers in the Own.