Adon is a member of the Royal Army of Kildenree.

Biography Edit

The Goose Girl Edit

When Princess Anidori of Kildenree is sent to Bayern to wed their Crown Prince, Adon volunteers to be a part of her escort. He is Captain Talone's right-hand man and one of the most trusted guards.

As they near Bayern, it becomes more and more clear that roughly half of the escort follow a fellow guard named Ungolad rather than Captain Talone. Adon is uneasy about this state of affairs and suspects a mutiny is imminent. When the company is only a week away from Bayern's capital city, Talone builds a campfire for the princess and his men, but Ungolad builds another that attracts the majority of the guards and Selia, Anidori's lady-in-waiting. Adon voices his concerns and, just in case, Talone assigns his most trusted men to guard Ani and instructs her to jump on a horse and run straight to Bayern's king if there is any sign of trouble.

The next day, Adon's suspicions of Ungolad and his friends are proven to be justified when the tension between the divided escort snaps when a friend of Ungolad's named Yulan removes his shirt in the summer heat. Talone orders him to stay properly dressed while he is in the presence of a lady, but the man refuses as Selia insists she does not mind. Gritting his teeth, Talone states that while they are the princess's guard, they will act as such. Scornfully, another friend of Ungolad's named Terne points out that they are a long way from Kildenree and Bayern hasn't claimed Ani as their princess yet, causing several of Ungolad's men to hail Selia as their new princess. Angrily, Talone confirms that the mutineers want to help Selia not only steal the title of princess, but also Anidori's very name. Realizing that the traitors want to kill Ani in order to replace her with Selia, Talone commands the true princess to escape.

Unfortunately, Selia spots Ani and sends Ungolad after her. Adon quickly moves to defend her, but before he takes more than a few steps the traitor Ishta fatally thrusts his sword into Adon's back and through his heart.